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12 Steps to Benchmarking Anything in Your Supply Chain [Infographic]

12 Steps to Benchmarking Anything in Your Supply Chain [Infographic]

In an opaque industry like the shipping industry; knowing how you’re performing as a freight buyer or seller in the market is key to survival and profitability. Plenty of behind the scenes grunt work and strategizing take place (most of which goes unnoticed) in order to keep the players in the shipping industry in tiptop shape. One easy way to start benchmarking your ocean rates is with our service, a comparison engine that lets you compare your ocean freight rates to the market average and best in class rates. It covers thousands of trade lanes in Europe and Xeneta’s user base already includes prominent freight forwarders and freight buyers who have been able to cut their sea freight prices by more than 30 percent. They now actively use Xeneta to benchmark their suppliers against the market.

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12 steps to benchmarking anything in your supply chain

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  • Rising logistics costs and fuel prices is one area of concern in #SCM - 20% of SCM Exec's agree >>tweet<<
  • 1 area of concern in #SCM is lack of critical supply chain process visibility - 51% of SCM exec's concur >>tweet<<
  • 26% of #SCM execs says their #supply chain is is mostly manual and spreadsheet driven >>tweet<<
  • 29% of Supply chain managers admits their global #supplychain has an Fragmented IT approach >>tweet<<
  • 46% of #Supplychain rganizations lack the technology to meet their finance department's needs >>tweet<<
  • 44% of #Supplychain organizations says their technology needs improvement >>tweet<<

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