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On the changing sea freight industry

Members of our team of experts share their professional views on the industry. We invite you to contribute and let us know what you think. Xeneta constantly builds, tweaks and improves the platform, driven by customer demand.

New version of supplier rating

Oslo, Norway /
Categories / Innovation
Selecting the best supplier for your ocean-freight does not solely depend on lowest price quoted. The quality of the service, i.e. customer service, re-activeness by the supplier and timeliness often contribute to your perception of value for money and might influence your final choice of supplier.

New dashboard, loads of new features

Categories / Innovation
Always striving to deliver better tools and the best data, we have worked like caffeinated monkeys adding new features, removing those that weren't needed. Yesterday, we put the latest version of our tools on-line for everyone to use. Here's a deeper look on what we have changed and improved.

The P3 Network Restructures the Shipping World

Categories / Innovation
The P3 agreement between Maersk, MSC, and CGM CMA continues to roil the waters. While the agreement's pros-and cons are about to be scrutinized in an upcoming meeting between America's Federal Maritime Commission, the European Competition Commission, and China's Ministry of Transport, carriers outside the P3 are aggressively taking steps to stay competitive regardless of the regulators final decision.

Looking Back on The Container Shipping Industry in 2013

Categories / Tips & Trends
It was a most interesting 2013, and the top stories look to make 2014 even more challenging. The gap between the expectations of carriers and shippers continues to widen, and the ramifications and possible repercussions threaten to change ocean shipments. Xeneta looks back at five of the top ocean shipment stories of 2013:

The Upcoming Crisis in Supply Chain Management

Categories / Tips & Trends
It would seem that shippers and carriers are mortal enemies to listen to the shipper rhetoric of past months. Although both sides need each other in order to exist, shippers claims allegedly manipulated freight increases have reached new levels even as many carriers continue to report dismal earnings.

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