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Smarter decisions and trading based on facts

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Why Xeneta?

Xeneta is the leading ocean freight intelligence platform powered by big data analytics.

Xeneta is changing the global trade economy by bringing transparency to the traditional logistics and shipping industry, and equipping you with the information needed to analyze your containerized ocean freight rate performance against real-time market developments.

Xeneta arms you with the information you need to make sure you are paying the right freight rates to your supplier and helping you navigate the volatile containerized ocean freight market.

Powered by the world's largest real-time database of contracted rates and presented by rich and easy-to-use visuals, Xeneta helps improve strategic and tactical decisions, increasing efficiency and profitability.

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We are happy to walk you through Xeneta and show you how it can help you optimize your logistics procurement. Please get in touch to identify the potential Xeneta represents to your business.

Some of our satisfied customers

  • Whatever result you get, whether the price is better or worse than the market - it does not matter - it's the information it provides that is important.
    Stefan Bodelind Stefan Bodelind Global Sourcing Manager Akzo Nobel bv
  • Xeneta gives an additional weapon that can be used in negotiations.
    Steven Wachters Steven Wachters Purchaser Transport Ocean Atlas Copco Airpower N.V.
  • This service provides an excellent tracking of our rates - both for today's market and the historical development.
    Jarle Kjelingtveit Jarle Kjelingtveit Supply Chain Manager UNIL AS

Becoming a user starts with a customized demo and a value assessment, without obligation. Please sign up to identify the potential Xeneta represents to your business.

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